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Friday, August 02, 2002

Quote of the Week

From the Cabalmaster:

Bill Onasch, a Kansas City transit operator and labor organizer, penned this pithy tidbit in reference to Wendell Cox, Tom Rubin and other opponents of effective public transit:

“These well-heeled disciples of Ayn Rand provide right-wing newspaper columnists who are too lazy to do their own research with much of the commentary on transit issues appearing in our great metropolitan newspapers across the land"

If you look at this link, you'll notice we probably don't agree with them on everything. We also would agree that in a place like Kansas City with very low transit ridership, there is lots that needs to be done with buses, and that the first LRT "starter" line needs to be in a place that makes sense.

Contrary to what Gordon or Cox would probably claim, we ARE open-mined.

But we're not so open-mined that we would let our brains fall out.

Also take a look at this link:

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