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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Proof That Morons Run Amuck in U.S. Transit Industry

From the Cabalmaster:

And other morons believe what idiots like Wendell Cox have to say...

Miami officials in hot seat over bus benches no one can sit on

Associated Press
Posted August 12 2002, 12:46 PM EDT

MIAMI -- City officials are in the hot seat -- literally.

Mayor Manny Diaz and other officials are working to fix the new black steel benches at city bus stops, which have proved too hot to sit on under the summer sun.

``I've sat on a bench myself and it's uncomfortably warm even with a pair of pants on,'' Assistant City Manager Frank Rollason said Monday.

About 150 of the 1,500 new benches have already been installed in the city, replacing older ones made of cement and wood.

Rollason said city planners discussed the potential problem in meetings, but he does not know why it was ignored when the benches were built. No more benches will be installed until the problem is resolved, he said.

Sarmiento Advertising Group was awarded the contract in January to produce the new benches. Sarmiento CEO Alberto Waisman has said his company will pay to refit benches.

The solution could be a plastic coating that would insulate the benches from the sun, Rollason and Waisman said.

Rollason said he wanted to test a bench with the coating before approving the plan.

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