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Friday, November 12, 2004


Home of So Few Transit Links Than You can Possibly Check(tm), Unless you have no life other than websurfing

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds. Einstein

IMPORTANT NOTE: FOC's ("Friends of the Cabal") (you know, like "FOB's"--"Friends of Bill" [Clinton]) have now all been promoted to "Adjuct Scholars" of The Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal. You know, like Wendell Cox, Randal O'Toole, et al are "Adjunct Scholars" (sic) to the Reason Foundation, the Buckeye Institute, the Cascade Policy Institute, and 500+ other conservative/libertarian "Think (sic) Tanks". Congratulations, Dudes!

From the Cabalmaster:

As we have reported previously, Correros de Cuba (the Cuban Post Office) “borrowed” images off the Internet (“Electric Transport in Latin America” site for a set of commemorative stamps showing Cuban tramcars (

More recently, the Lima (Peru) newspaper La Republica has paid a similar “compliment” to webmaster Allen Morrison by “lifting” images (photos and maps) from his “Tramways of Peru” pages (; see for the “Cybertheft” page.

Not only that: on the day following publication of the purloined Peru material by “La Republica,” the free Spanish-language New York newspaper “El Chasqui” used the same images.

“What is going on?” asks webmaster Morrison.

We admit: it’s hard to make light of flagrant copyright violations by people who should definitely know better (postal officials (. . . even dad-burned Commie postal officials . . .) and journalists). However, we can’t help thinking about that old saw about the thief who brags that he “only steals from the best!”

Intrepid Websurfers who have not checked out “Electric Transport in Latin America, Past and Present” by Allen Morrison are in for a treat. This site “sets the standard” for Internet publication. Scant consolation in light of the recent cyberthefts, but this site truly deserves to be labeled “the best!”

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