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Friday, May 28, 2004

Say It Ain’t So!!! A Subway Named RUBIN!

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From the Cabalmaster:

Say It Ain’t So!!!

One of our favorite targets for (well-deserved) riposte and ridicule is about to have a subway named after him!

We’re referring to the inimitable Thomas A. Rubin, CPA, CMA, CMC, CIA, CGFM, CFM (think you could squeeze “KGB” or, more poetically, “NKVD” in there, Tom?).

Nürnberg, Germany, has a two-line, 25-km (15-mi) subway (U-Bahn) system. It uses conventional heavy-rail technology, and trains are almost identical to those used in München – except for color scheme. A planned third line (U3) was postponed, probably due to cost. The plan has been revived and has been dubbed “RUBIN.”

RUBIN is the German acronym for “Realisierung einer automatisierten U-Bahn inNürnberg.” This translates as “Implementation of an automated Metro System in Nuremberg.”

No, no, no, a thousand times no, we are NOT making this up!

Check out these links: and Both have pages in English.

A subway named RUBIN . . . what next?

Well, how about an informal contest? Can anyone out there in cyberland come up with a subway- or transit-related acronym, in any language, based on “RANDAL” or “WENDELL”?

We Opinionated Ones will (gleefully) post any entries – suitable for a family-oriented blog – that tickle our collective funny bone.

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