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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Beograd's Phantom Subway

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From the Cabalmaster:

We’ll still waiting for the lowdown on Baghdad’s phantom subway – we don’t know what, if any information has been obtained from “Da guy wid da mustache.”

Meanwhile, we thought we’d share the following link to another phantom subway project, this one in Beograd (Belgrade), capital of Serbia and Montenegro (aka“The Country Formerly Known as Yugoslavia”).

Apparently, a project started during the rule of former strongman Slobodan Milosevic got as far as the construction stage – but not much farther. Exactly one station was built. Very sketchy details are provided here;; you’ll have to scroll way down.

(Ah, what the heck, here’s the paragraph mentioning the unfinished subway:

(“Albeit, only a couple of projects were ever realized by Milosevic's government as if he gave away the chance to show the face in architecture. One of them was underground-a Moscow-like metro station for a subway system that was never built, with extremely luxurious escalators and great halls. The second project was a Serbian version of the Japanese Bullet train, of which only seven kilometers were ever finished. And the third project was a free-standing monument called "Victor" completed just half a year before the fall of Milosevic to "commemorate the victory of Serbia over NATO"-though we all knew it was the other way around-planned in counterpoint to the existing icon of Beograd, a monument built by Ivan Mestrovic between the two wars.”)

Beograd does have an underground rail line, part of the “Beovoz” suburban network, see here The station were used as shelters during the 1999 NATO bombardments

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