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Thursday, February 19, 2004

The "Adopt A Transport Pundit" Program

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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity: and I'm not so sure about the universe. Einstein

From the Cabalmaster:

Effective immediately, The Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal is blatantly, unashamedly, joining the "Adopting A Transport Pundit" program, following the example of the "Adopt a Pundit" Program as outlined at

Some excerpts:

The "Adopt a Pundit" Program

"The absence of alternatives,” said Henry Kissinger, “clears the mind marvelously.” That would probably explain why my mind has been so muddled since I started blogging. The blogosphere contains far too many alternatives, too many choices about what to read or what to ignore. The posts accumulate by the thousands and even Glenn Reynolds ( with his stable of indentured servants armed with laptops and T1 connections can’t keep up with them all.

"...To compound the problem, we bloggers tend to gather with our own kind, preferring not to venture far from our cozy end of the political spectrum. On our horizon we are able to see the broad outlines of our ideological opponents positions but we miss the nuance and subtleties that are hidden beneath the surface.

"Obviously, it would benefit us to have exposure to other thoughts and ideas and have them tested against our own. But we hardly can find the time as it is to keep up with the conversation among our circle of peers. What we need, however, is not more time but a different tactic.

"A modest solution to this problem would be for every pundit to “adopt” a blogger from the opposite political pole. If the liberal/conservative blogger has a post that is worthy of notice he could bring it to the attention of his circle of readers who would then be able to spread it to their own audience. In this way, the blogs that don’t find their way onto the “common grounds” (Instapundit, for example) would gain greater exposure.

"The plan is not foolproof. What is considered worthy of notice by one blogger may not be viewed the same by their peers. Still, the scheme offers a way out of our current political myopia...."

By diktat of Cabalmaster, the Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal has arbitrarily chosen these transport pundits from the opposite side: Wendell Cox ( and and Randal O'Toole ( and a new site, click on "Center for the New American Dream"). But of course you already knew that.

You probably also know that Wendell and Randal likely won't appreciate being adopted, particularly by the Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal (for proper sound effect, click here). Of course, we might possibly be wrong! But don't bet the farm!

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