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Friday, November 28, 2003


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Great spirits have often encountered opposition from weak minds. Einstein.

From the Cabalmaster:

Now that all of you websurfers are still recovering from your meal of stuffed turkey or whatever, The Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal is pleased to bring you a transit-related aspect of the France-bashing tomfoolery that erupted in January 2003.

Back then, as intrepid websurfers may recall, French President Jacques Chirac said, in effect, that he would not support America's planned adventure in Iraq because the French public was against the idea.

(We TransitCabalists were no fans of "Dat guy wit da mustache (RIP?)" but we're willing to accept the unabashed right of another democratic nation to disagree with the United States-- and nobody ever accused the Fifth Republic of being "undemocratic.")

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