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Saturday, February 15, 2003

The Anti-Urban, Anti-Transit "Axis of Weasels"

"It is the unfortunate destiny of the ridiculous to be subject to ridicule."
James Howard Kunstler

"Truth passes through three phases: 1) It is ridiculed. 2) It is violently opposed. 3) It is accepted as self-evident." Albert Schopenhouer. In the United States, rail is currently passing through Phase Two.

From the Cabalmaster:

Recently large numbers of so-called "warbloggers" have taken to calling Germany, Belgium, and France the "axis of weasels" due to their opposition to the pending U.S. war against Iraq, a play on George W. Bush's "axis of evil." (Maverick British leftist Christopher Hitchens points out that France and Germany have had extensive business dealings with Iraq; on the other hand, the public in those countries oppose a new Middle East war by 80%-90% margins, but that's an off topic blog...)

Well, there is another "axis of weasels" that we wise-guy Transit Cabalists have identified: A pretty complete list of the Antiurban, Antitransit Axis of Weasels is posted at This list is as follows, excluding government representatives, consultants we know don't agree with the anti-urban agenda, and Andres Duany, invited to provide entertainment and counterpoint to "King of the Weasels" Wendell Cox:

  • Rob Atkinson, Progressive Policy Institute
  • Mark Benson, APCO
  • Scott Bullock, Institute for Justice
  • Jon Caldara, Independence Institute
  • Pat Callahan, American Association of Small Property Owners
  • Kathleen Calongne, traffic calming activist
  • John Charles, Cascade Policy Institute
  • Jim Claus, International Sign Association
  • Michael Cunneen, transportation consultant
  • Wendell Cox,
  • Bill Eager, TDA Inc., transportation consultant, Seattle, WA
  • William Fischel, Dartmouth College
  • Kemper Freeman, Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA
  • Gary Garczynski, president of the National Association of Home Builders
  • Peter Gordon, University of Southern California
  • Steve Hayward, American Enterprise Institute
  • Jay Heiler, APCO
  • Randall Holcombe, Florida State University
  • Dave Hunnicutt, Oregonians in Action
  • Sam Kazman, Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Ben Lieberman, Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Stephan Louis, Alternatives to Light-Rail Transit, Cincinnati
  • Nancie Marzulla, Defenders of Property Rights
  • Gerard Mildner, Portland State University Center for Urban Studies
  • Robert Nelson, University of Maryland
  • Ken Orski, Innovation Briefs
  • Randal O'Toole, Thoreau Institute
  • Nick Parker, Political Economy Research Center
  • Richard Parsons, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Maryland
  • Alan Pisarski, author of Commuting in America
  • Robert Poole, Reason Foundation
  • Ken Reid, Rapid Transit Action Committee, Virginia
  • Thomas Rubin, transit consultant
  • Peter Samuel, Tollroads Newsletter
  • Joel Schwartz, air pollution consultant
  • Jane Shaw, Political Economy Research Center
  • Sam Staley, Buckeye Institute
  • David Strom, Taxpayers League of Minnesota
  • Michelle Thaxton, South Carolina Landowners' Association
  • Ron Utt, Heritage Foundation
  • Bridgett Wagner, Heritage Foundation

    Funding Sources

  • American Association of Small Property Owners
  • Buckeye Institute
  • Cascade Policy Institute
  • Heartland Institute
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
  • Oregonians in Action
  • PERC - The Center for Free Market Environmentalism
  • Reason Foundation
  • Steven DeCarlow
  • Taxpayers League of Minnesota
  • Tennessee Road Builders Association
  • Thoreau Institute

    "Thanks also to the Charlotte and Walter Kohler Charitable Trust
    and the Sarah Scaife Foundation for making the conference possible." (e.g., far right wing foundations).

    It will be interesting to see if this "Meeting of the Axis of Weasels" get more attendees than speakers. The Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal is predicting somewhere between 150 and 200 conference attendees in addition to the speakers and sponsors.

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