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Our Mission: Monkeywrench the Anti-Transit Forces

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Thursday, December 12, 2002


"It is the unfortunate destiny of the ridiculous to be subject to ridicule."
James Howard Kunstler

"Truth passes through three phases: 1) It is ridiculed. 2) It is violently opposed. 3) It is accepted as self-evident." Albert Schopenhouer

From the Cabalmaster:

The Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal has compiled the following list for your interest.

---One of the best transit sites on the web, "metroPlanet" provides information, maps, photos and links for the world’s heavy-rail (subway) systems. The news page is at:

---"Rinbad," sponsored by the Branch Line Society (UK), has several lists of recent and planned rail line openings:

---The Light Rail Transit Association (UK) website includes a list of world light rail and tramway systems and a news page A “fact sheet” (see: “Fact Sheet No 54. The Tramway / Light Rail Explosion, lists the 76 light rail and tramway systems that have been opened worldwide since 1980.

And finally, if you’d like to flummox your neighborhood rail transit basher, tell her/him that "countries all over the world are building rail transit; why, there’s even a subway in Outer Mongolia!" Then, give ‘em the following URL to the Ulaan Baator Metroo: This is an elaborate, very clever -- and almost convincing -- ruse by some stereotypical "Mad Russian" (but don't let the secret out!)

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