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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Treasure Trove of Data

From the Cabalmaster:

See Victoria Transportation Policy Institute for an exhaustive collection of data and background materials on transportation problem solving. From "Our Approach to Solving Problems" on the VTPI web site:

"Work Smarter, Not Harder to Improve Transportation

'Work smarter, not harder' is a motto for good management. It's a reminder to continually search for better solutions to the problems we face.

There is a great need for better solutions to our transportation problems. Too often, solutions consist of simply more of the same: building more roads, expanding parking facilities, maintaining low fuel prices, buying more automobiles, increasing transit subsidies, and generally devoting ever more private and public resources to transportation.

There are good reasons to question such solutions. With current underpricing of automobile travel (although owning a vehicle is expensive, driving has never been cheaper, due to low fuel prices, abundant free parking and unpriced roads) it is virtually impossible to reduce congestion, accidents, road and parking facility costs, pollution, sprawl, and poor mobility options for non-drivers by simply doing more of the same..."

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